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Sunday, December 23 2007

I just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our customers and thank-you all so much for your support and business over the last year. It has been a very busy and productive first year for us at Dotty 4 Dogs and im sure there will be lots more pets and staff to welcome in the new year as we go from strength to strength.
Emee and Lilly would also like to say thank-you for the lovely christmas gifts. yum yum!

Here's my girls looking none too impressed by my early christmas prezzie to them (t-shirts!)

As it say's on the back - she's a real diva in training!!

merry christmas and lots of luck for the new year
Clare, Simon, Julia and Janet. xx

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Sunday, December 09 2007

Clare has been inundated with orders for her Christmas stockings, through Ebay as well as her website, so much so she has become a regular down at the post office!  Thankyou to all of you that have ordered.

The idea of hand made dog treats in a personalized 'bag' has been so popular we just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of maybe doing something similar for Easter.  We will let you know a little more information closer to the time. 

For any of you reading this that have ordered the Christmas stockings we would welcome any feedback.

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Sunday, December 09 2007

Hi All, Julia here.


I have been thinking over the last few days that I need to start preparing myself for what is to come once there is a Boxer dog in our family.  Decided that maybe a few walks would be good start, so I went along to Hunsbury Park with Clare last Friday.  She was walking one of her regulars, a gorgeous, very large Great Dane called Freya.


I had a great time and discovered 2 things. Mud - unavoidable! Wellies - must wear them!!  It was everywhere by the time I had got back to the car and then of course it was in the car!  Anyway, Lesson 1 learnt: 'Have wellies in the car at all times'.

Freya had a pretty good time too by the way, she has not been very well lately but on friday she seemed more like her old self, running endlessly for sticks!!


BOXER UPDATE - between myself, my husband and our oldest son, we have now decided on a name for our new Boxer.  It has taken a very long time and we have worked through a lot of them!  Our final decision is .. Ruby - will let you know if that changes before we collect her on the 30th December!

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Saturday, December 01 2007

I am so busy now with that I have decided to take on a little admin help.  Julia will be helping me with the website and the blog from ... well ... now actually - I have just handed her the keyboard!




Pleased to meet you all!  Clare said I should tell you a bit about me, but I think a bit of mystery is much more fun!!


Clare has talked me through what she wants and my Dotty4Dogs (D4D) plan is:


1 - to keep you all up to date with the D4D news.  New dogs joining us, where they have been on walks, who we have had boarding with us and how it went, what is being produced in the Dog Bakery - anything really that may be of interest to you,


2 - to work on a new section of the website which will be all about local places that are animal friendly, whether it be for a quick walk, a day out or a weekend.  If any of you have been somewhere already that you think should be included then please let us know.  We are hoping to get this started in the New Year.


3 - to keep you entertained with my puppy stories!  Just before the New Year our family of 2 small boys and 2 rabbits will be joined by a little girl Boxer puppy!  Clare is finding this very amusing and thinks that you should all be given the opportunity to hear about how I am going to cope with going out in the wet weather, the muddy footprints, keeping her off the boys beds, the chewing, puppy classes and the pooper scooper!  I am sure we will be just fine, although our first job of agreeing on a name is proving difficult! 


Well, better get on, keep in touch, any feedback is good. xx

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Saturday, December 01 2007

On an evening Clare walks in the door, leaving her muddy boots and coat by it, finishes her 'mum' jobs for the day and then becomes all creative!  As well as everything else Clare is now busy making some lovely Christmas stockings, personalised with a pets name and then filled with her hand made dog biscuits. 


If you didn't see the mention on the home page then go to the Dog Bakery page for photos, information and prices. Dont miss out on sending one of these to a four legged friend, orders are starting to come in and there are only so many that can be 'produced' before Christmas.

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