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Thursday, June 28 2007

I am doing a sponsored run with my son and daughter this weekend for children who have LEUKAEMIA. We need all the sponsors we can get and even the smallest amount counts so please please EMAIL me if you can spare a few pennies for these sick children. You can find out more about the run on it is being held at Towcester Race Course on sunday 1st July at 11am.
A big thank-you to all who are supporting us

Clare X

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Wednesday, June 27 2007

We had a lovely time in the rain at West hunsbury park today

First we lost the ball in the stream (well it was a stream, now its more of a river!), can you spot the ball?

Then we lost it in the stinging nettles!

Does anyone else find these good for hanging poo bags on?!

Hope you are all enjoying the rain as much as we are.

Clare X

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Tuesday, June 26 2007

Hi everyone
We are all busy here at Dotty 4 dogs as usual, but I just wanted to squeeze in a little time to let you all know whats been happening.
It was one of our regular dogs 2nd birthday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREYA! We spoilt her with an extra long walk, extra cuddles and a goodie bag to share with her friend. We all need a little spoiling on our birthday.
I had a visit from a lovely lady who runs Trophy Pet Foods today. I asked her to meet with me as there seemed to be a lack of good quality dry foods (ie ones that contain a high percentage of real meat and no additives) that are also affordable. I was very impressed by what she offers and my dogs seemed to like the samples!
You can purchase any of their products or get a price list from me and I will deliver to your door for no extra cost, just send me an email.
Alternatively if you have any questions on the food products please contact Lisa Merkitt on 01604 603285 or email her at
She is also Co-running a DOG SHOW and FUN DAY at Flore playing fields on Sunday 15th July starting at 10am - hope to see you there!
Clare x

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Wednesday, June 13 2007

I hope you all find the website fun, informative and easy to navigate!
We are all very busy here, putting up posters and handing out leaflets trying to spread the word about Dotty 4 dogs. The doggies are helping out too! Well they were but their sunbathing in the garden at the moment.Its hard work all this promotion stuff!
I will be leaving messages here regularly about what walks the doggies have been taking me on, events coming up and general ramblings on! So please keep checking in on us to see whats going on.

Clare, Simon and Julia x

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