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Wednesday, January 30 2008

Saw Sam today, the little foster pup, he is looking really well and very happy!

He is loving being with Clare, her family and her 2 dogs.  He has really gained in confidence thanks to them all keeping him busy.  He has been socialising with people and dogs, learning and accepting new sounds and situations and he has even been to a puppy training class.  Clare feels he is a perfect dog for agility training as he is so intelligent and quick to learn.  She is hoping that wherever he goes his new owners will have the time to spend with him to do something like this.

Quite a number of people have expressed an interest in giving Sam a home.  Unfortunately two that live in the village have had to be turned down due to one being away at work for too long in a day and the other not having a secure enough garden.   'Many Tears' don't like to turn people away but they have to be sure that their dogs are going to the best possible homes.  Clare is at the moment sorting out 'interview' dates for 2 more potential adoptees.

As you can imagine Clare is getting quite attached to Sam, if he doesn't go soon her family may soon extend from 3 children & 2 dogs to 3 children & 3 dogs!!

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Wednesday, January 23 2008



Thats me, Sam, on the left.  I was playing with a little Boxer puppy today.


I am a cross between a Springer and a Collie - people say I am a Sprollie!

I don't know when my birthday is but I think I am about 6 months old.

I don't understand all these words but people say I have been castrated, microchipped, vaccinated and wormed.


I was in a rescue centre in Ireland with my two sisters but they had no room for us, so 'Many Tears' Rescue Centre in South Wales took us in. The three of us didn't really like being in kennels, we are very young and were quite scared so now we are in foster homes, which is much better.


Clare and her family are looking after me at the moment.  They are very kind.  I walked with Clare to pick up her children from school today.  I heard Clare talking to a lady.  This is what she said about me:


"As far as we know Sam has not lived in a home environment so he has to be house trained", (that means toilet trained I think), "which has not been a problem at ours, no accidents so far! He is a bit timid as all the sounds and smells are very new to him.  He has been very calm, he loves sitting on our laps, he is brilliant with children and very trainable.  I think he would possibly enjoy agility training.  Sam would love a new "forever home'."


They want to make sure that I go to a nice home so if you think you would like me to come and live with you then you have to contact Clare first through this website, then you would have to talk to 'Many Tears' and then Clare will come and do a home check.  If all that is ok then I can come and live at your house!


I am also on the 'Many Tears' website where you can fill in an Adoption Form.

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Wednesday, January 16 2008

Trophy Foods

Although we have been supplying and delivering Trophy Foods for a while now we have not been promoting it very much on our website.  We think this food is great, and so do our dogs, so we are now working on correcting this and are in the middle of improving this page with more photographs and information. 


'Our Dog Walks'

We have just added another page on to the website called 'Our Dog Walks'.  We go on so many of these that we thought it would be fun to write about some of them.  We are going to be talking about everything and anything that we think you might like to know about a place.  If any of you want to send information about a walk you have been on, that is not well known, this would be welcomed and included on the page - plus we will then get the chance to try somewhere different!


Personalised Dog Bowls

After the huge response we had with our personalised Christmas doggy stockings we are now working with a local pottery lady to come up with designs for dog bowls and biscuit jars.  Once we have the designs finalised they will be on our website.


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Wednesday, January 16 2008

  Dotty 4 Dogs is so busy at the moment that recently Clare has had to turn jobs away.  Criminal!  So a decision had to be made, we needed to advertise for dog walkers, dog sitters, overnight boarders and 'bakers' - quickly!  We put an advert in the local Job Centre and in the Collins pet shop and we have had 22 applicants in less than a week! 


Clare is now busy working through the application forms/emails.  Over the next few weeks she will be arranging to meet up with applicants that she thinks are suitable and then from there will arrange for them to join her on a couple of dog walks to see how they react with the dogs. 


We will soon have 2 people ready to do overnight dog boarding for us as the checks have nearly been completed.  This is a service that we have had a lot of enquiries about so we have warned them to get ready for lots of doggy visitors!!

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Wednesday, January 09 2008

Went along to Hunsbury Hill Park this morning with Clare and 2 of her regulars, William and Bonnie.  On the way to the spot where they would be let off the lead Clare was very firm with them walking to heel, they only 'forgot' a couple of times as they were obviously very excited!  I was keeping a close eye to get any tips on how to deal with Ruby (our Boxer puppy) on the lead.


Once we were in the field, by the old train track, Clare brought out a lovely clean, and round, ball.  I know a ball is usually round, just wanted to point it out so that I could then say by the time they had finished it was definitely not, it was squashed and very muddy - if it could talk I'm sure it would have said exhausted too!



As you can see from the photo they sat very nicely inbetween throws, rest assure though once the ball flew, so did they! 


I enjoyed the walk, cold on the hands but the sky was blue, the sun was out, the air felt fresh and it was a thrill to watch these guys sprinting after their ball.  After half an hour though I carried on home and Clare carried on to another park and another dog.


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Monday, January 07 2008

It's now been 1 week and 1 day since our little Boxer puppy Ruby joined our family!  We are all getting on great although our youngest, William, is struggling a little with teaching Ruby that she is at the bottom of the 'family ladder' not him!


JULIA THINKING 'You are soooo gorgeous'

RUBY THINKING 'uurrgggghh - just let me go and play'


Ruby enjoys being in the car and has already travelled the M1 to Leeds to visit 'Great Grandma', she has made 2 Boxer friends and is showing her skills at 'boxing', she is making friends with the rabbits (although does sometimes get a little bit too zealous in 'asking' them to play) and is starting to get a little faster on her feet chasing the boys round the garden.


Toilet training - Ruby knows what she should be doing in this area but is still struggling on how she should let us know!  If we are quick enough to guide her outside then everyone is happy but if she wakes up and we are not in the room it's a case of, Up - 5 Paces - Wee!


Obedience - Clare has told me that the first command Ruby should learn is to come when called.  We are trying this but the only response at the moment is what seems to be a lot of backchat.  Ruby drops down on her front paws, wags her tail, jumps around and barks - as if saying 'catch me first'!  We are working on this one!


Naughtiness - At first Ruby seemed quite quiet but as the days go by she is getting a little more and more mischievous.  It's just a couple of things at the moment, but I have a feeling I will have a lot to talk about as the days go by!  At night Ruby sleeps in the utility room, this morning the contents of the laundry basket were strewn all around the room!  She has started to pay an interest in shoes and the other day we left her in the utility room to find on our return that she had pushed the stair gate down and proceeded to drag the broom and empty milk cartons into the hallway.  Hmmmmm.

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