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Monday, February 25 2008

The 'Dotty' Times


The 'Dotty' Times, Issue 1, finally went to print today!! 


Its only 3 pages of A4, but hey, everything has got to start somewhere!  No, seriously, its our news-letter, or news-paper, which we are hoping to put together every month with the news of what we have been doing in the last month, how 'our' dogs are getting on and what is being planned next.  We are sending them out to all our clients and everyone else who has expressed an interest.


If you want to receive a copy by email then just let us know.

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Tuesday, February 19 2008

BBC News - Petrol prices could surge to near record highs following a 2p rise in fuel duty. That increase could push up the average price of unleaded to about 98p, while diesel could exceed £1 if the cost is passed on to motorists.  The Petrol Retailers Association said the rise would put an undue "strain on motorists and petrol retailers alike".  BBC economics editor Evan Davis said the rise would be nearer to 2.3p when VAT was taken into account......The Budget also outlined another rise of 2p a litre next April and a further increase of 1.84p in April 2009. Petrol Retailers Association director Ray Holloway said the number of petrol stations was already falling and it would "not take much to push more stations out of business".

You all know about the rising petrol prices - well we have finally had to put up our travel costs from 20p a mile to 30p a mile.  The D4D team are covering a fair few miles these days and a lot of time is spent in the car getting to some of you, even though we do have walkers dotted over quite a large area of Northamptonshire. 

We hope this does not put any of you off using Dotty 4 Dogs, we are always aiming to provide you with the best level of service, this is just something that can not be avoided any longer!

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Monday, February 18 2008
Clares been busy again! 


Every dog being walked under the care of Dotty4Dogs now has attached to their collar a tag which says "I'm being cared for by Dotty 4 Dogs" on one side and "If you find me please call 07983 433574" on the other. 
Attached by a clip, as you can see in the photo, they are nice and easy to put on as soon as one of our dog walkers pick the dog up and then just as easily removed until the next time.
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Thursday, February 14 2008

*Update* 18th feb -  unfortunately due to a personality clash with one of my dogs, Hope has had to go into foster with another of Many tears volunteers and is now in Chippenham Wiltshire. She is still deperately looking for a forever home but would be best suited to a home either without any other dogs or with another large dog.


Hope was rescued from a breeder, where she was kept in a confined space, over bred and under fed. She is very thin and scared so will need a special person to take her on, who has plenty of time and love to give. She has a number of sores/scabs and her back legs/hips don't look quite right, she also has a very swollen scar from her neutering operation and a urinry infection.


While she is with Clare she is being given the best care to help her regain her health, confidence and love of life.  Clare has already taken her to the forest, her tail didn't stop wagging!  She is being fed her 4 meals per day, a combination of meat and dry complete food.  Her toilet training is coming on and she is currently on a course of antibiotics for her infection. She is great with the kids, loves snuggling her nose into them and has benefitted alot from the company of Clare's other 2 dogs Emee and Lilly.


Hope, is known as Mythe at Many Tears so people looking for her on their site will need to look for that name.  If anyone is interested in giving Hope/Mythe a home please go to the Many Tears website where you can fill in an Adoption Form.


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Monday, February 11 2008

Thought you might like to read this - its an article written recently by Sue Trueman for the Link Magazine. Sue is a member of the Dotty 4 Dogs Team but also a Canine Behaviourist.  With regards to your dog and any problems he/she might have, then Sue can be contacted on 01604 677514.  

Today, even though we spend thousands of pounds on our dogs buying the latest training books, providing them with fashionable accessories and comfy beds, there are more badly behaved dogs than ever before.  Most of us are well intentioned and loving dog owners, but a lack of knowledge and understanding of what truly makes our dogs happy is absent.

One of the problems is that we use our human psychology whilst communicating with our dogs.  This is wrong and can create many of the bad behaviours we see today, such as aggression (fearful or nervous), obsessive issues and general hooliganism to name but a few.

By displaying these types of behaviour, our dogs are trying to communicate how unbalanced and unhappy they have become.  As a Canine Behaviourist I show clients how to interact with their dogs using a language that the dogs can understand.  Dogs are not born understanding the English language!  Once mastered this will enable you to experience a true and rewarding relationship with your dog and then and only then, will they be able to enjoy a balanced and happy life.

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Friday, February 08 2008

Whether you like to know who is looking after your pets for your own piece of mind, or just like to know things about people, here is a who's who of the Dotty4Dogs Team.  To all of them that have just joined us, WELCOME , we hope that you will be with us for many a walks!

Clare Gilby - otherwise known as The Boss!
Clare is the owner and manager,  living in Rothersthorpe with her husband, 3 children, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 3 guinea pigs!  Clare does the hiring - and firing (!) - the meeting of  new clients, the book-keeping, Trophy Pet Food deliveries, the baking of her much loved dog treats and all the other things that come with a busy, successful and growing company.   As well as all this Clare also has her regular dog walks, fosters dogs for Many Tears and does home checks for Many Tears.

In no particular order - the rest of us

Simon Gilby
Simon is husband to Clare.  He helps with her dog walks when other duties take over, the picking up and dropping off of day creche dogs, supports and discusses D4D issues with her  and is generally there for back up.

Julia Harris
Julia lives in Rothersthorpe as well, with her husband, 2 children, 2 rabbits and dog.  Julia took over the website this year and now keeps it up to date with all the D4D news.  Julia helps with the admin, advertising and anything else that gets thrown at her!

Janet Callow
Janet lives in Kingsthorpe with her daughter.  Janet was the first to join the D4D team, covering for Clare when she is away.  Janet now has her own regular walks, does small animal boarding, cat feeding, will soon be offering overnight boarding and helps with advertising .

June Mansbridge
June lives in Wellingborough.  June does regular and occasional dog walking, cat feeding , small animal boarding and pet/house sitting.

Sue Trueman
Sue lives in Grange Park with her daughter and 2 dogs.  Sue is a qualified dog behaviourist who also does dog walking for us, cat feeding and small animal boarding.  Have a look on our Links Page for her contact details if you want to speak to her about any dog problems.

Simon & Michelle Williams
Simon & Michelle live on the Wakefield Lodge Estate (if you haven't tried the farm shop up there, then do!) with their 2 teenagers, guinea pigs and 2 dogs.  They are doing dog walking, small animal boarding, doggie day crèche, cat feeding and can also deliver Trophy Pet Foods.

Julia Bailey
Julia lives in Hunsbury Meadows with her husband and 2 children.  Unfortunately Julia recently lost her dog  to old age and is desperately looking for a new recruit.  Julia is dog walking for us, cat feeding, small animal boarding and will soon be offering dog boarding and doggie day crèche.

Trudy Townsend
Trudy lives in West Hunsbury with her husband, 2 children, 2 rabbits, dog and chickens.  Trudy does occasional dog walking, doggie day crèche and dog overnight boarding.

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Friday, February 01 2008

We have moved forward a little on our idea of selling hand painted pottery Treat Jars and Bowls.  Initially for dogs they will be sold either through the website or an Ebay shop.  We met up with the lady concerned on Wednesday who talked us through the shapes she could paint for us in our chosen designs, the price and delivery times.  Clare already has a simple design in mind and is working on getting it down on paper.


This is a sample dog bowl which we looked at to decide on which shape we liked the best.  The design will be the same as the jar, simple and in a choice of 3 colours.


We liked the shape of this jar, it will be in one design with 3 colours to choose from.


Its still not a definite go ahead though, as pricing is an issue.  How much are people prepared to pay for a hand painted item?  Looking around at other websites Bowls are ranging from £7 - £15 and Treat Jars are around £15 - £20.  We wonder how many they sell at the higher price. We are also looking at the best way of getting the goods to the customer, bearing in mind they will be heavy items.
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Phone: Clare 07535 674135
               Mark 07967 049611  


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