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Tuesday, July 08 2008

Hello All,

11am - I am sitting here typing while my 7 month old Boxer dog Ruby plays around my feet with a 4 month old Labrador (another normal Dotty day!!)  Rufus is with me for the day - our Doggy Day Creche service - and is having a great time. 

11.05am - Its all quiet again, they have gone back into the garden and are now nibbliing on either end of a bone!  They have been doing a lot of running around and Rufus may be small, but he is clever, to get a few seconds rest from Ruby he sits under my car where she cant reach him!!

Clare is away on a long weekends holiday - a well deserved one - and so she has left me in charge, with a list of calls to make and jobs to do!  I am learning a lot, how to do the wages being one, and am meeting some of the Pet Carers for the first time which is great.

In the next couple of days we will be mailing out our July newsletter with details of a few new things and reminders of old ones!  As you may have already seen you can now get your cat or dog insurance through us, have a look at the Dalmation to your left!

We now have 58 clients, Rufus (no. 58!) is actually from Daventry so looks like we are expanding again!  Talking of Rufus, he has just jumped into the water bowl, again, so better go and fill it up!  I was warned that he had a love of water and that a heavy water bowl might be needed!

Hope you and your pets are all well and making the most of the sunshine inbetween the showers! xx

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