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Tuesday, January 20 2009

Its a new year and we have already got a change in the Dotty office to report, along with some day to day news.

First thing is that I (Julia) have taken a step away from the Dotty office.  As you know I have been working along side Clare for the last few months, helping her to get things up and running smoothly - we have done so well that Clare is now able to run things alone.  I will be lurking in the background however for the times when an extra pair of hands is needed - as well as all the hard work we have had a lot of fun!

One of the things I will be involved with is the 'Doggy Day' that Clare will be arranging in the next few weeks.  We are still working out venues, dates and the format but will post a blog as soon as we know more.

Boarding licences are now being renewed for this year.  Bookings are already coming in for Summer so dont leave yours too late.

We have been getting a lot of enquiries for Pet Sitting recently.  Lucy has been doing these for us, brilliantly I might add, but we have decided a second Sitter is going to be needed so Clare is interviewing another lady today.

A lot going on already!  If you get a minute to send us comments through on anything we have mentioned that would be great.

Bye for now, Dotty x

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