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Tuesday, May 19 2009

Hi everyone

One of our dotty clients did a Marathon last weekend to raise money for Many Tears animal rescue . I am sure they will be very gratefull for everyones donations as they need every penny at the moment. You are not too late if you would like to make a donation, just drop me an email at .

Below is part of Natalies email about how the marathon went

Just a quick email to say thank you to everyone for their support this weekend. 
For me the race itself was pure hell.  Despite a plan to discuss a number of topics on our run to help pass the time Laura and I were so stressed we barely spoke about anything other than how fast we were running and how rubbish we were feeling.   However, Laura did an absolutely fantastic time and I was just relieved to get round. 
For me it was definitely one of the best weekends despite the fact that, had I not decided to run for Many Tears, I would have happily pulled out of the race.  I am glad I didn't and am very grateful for everyone who has agreed to donate some cash.  If you get the time, take a look at the website, make sure though you have tissues to hand  Clare fosters for Many Tears and when we went to collect Alfie yesterday we met the newest foster dog George.  Clare informed me that George has been kept locked up in a darkened room and used for breading for in excess of 7 years.  He is covered in lumps and bumps and has problems walking as he has never had any exercise.  The most upsetting thing to see was that he just looked like his spirit had been broken.  However, many of the dogs that Clare fosters look like this to begin with but each time she manages to bring them out of their shell and put the sparkle back into their eyes.    The farm that they think he was rescued from gets closed down on a regular basis but the owners just hide the dogs and start up again elsewhere.  Thanks to the likes of Clare, the dogs rescued are brought back to health and placed with loving families. 

Have a look at our PETS NEEDING HOMES page to see some more info and a photo of gorgeous George.
Well done Natalie!!
Clare x
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Sunday, May 10 2009

Hi Everyone

Here at Dotty 4 Dogs we are getting very busy taking bookings for the comming summer so make sure you get your bookings in quickly!

Also from May 1st all our Pet carers are dealing directly with you, the pet owners instead of taking bookings through the main Dotty number so if you are already registered with us and would like to make a booking, please contact your Pet Carer direct. You will also now need to make payments to your pets carer direct. We will of course still be offering a very high standard of care for your pet at all times.
This website will be updated to reflect these changes over the next few weeks.

I hope you have all been enjoying some lovely long walks in the sunshine that we have had recently. Lets hope it stays!


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