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Monday, January 07 2008

It's now been 1 week and 1 day since our little Boxer puppy Ruby joined our family!  We are all getting on great although our youngest, William, is struggling a little with teaching Ruby that she is at the bottom of the 'family ladder' not him!


JULIA THINKING 'You are soooo gorgeous'

RUBY THINKING 'uurrgggghh - just let me go and play'


Ruby enjoys being in the car and has already travelled the M1 to Leeds to visit 'Great Grandma', she has made 2 Boxer friends and is showing her skills at 'boxing', she is making friends with the rabbits (although does sometimes get a little bit too zealous in 'asking' them to play) and is starting to get a little faster on her feet chasing the boys round the garden.


Toilet training - Ruby knows what she should be doing in this area but is still struggling on how she should let us know!  If we are quick enough to guide her outside then everyone is happy but if she wakes up and we are not in the room it's a case of, Up - 5 Paces - Wee!


Obedience - Clare has told me that the first command Ruby should learn is to come when called.  We are trying this but the only response at the moment is what seems to be a lot of backchat.  Ruby drops down on her front paws, wags her tail, jumps around and barks - as if saying 'catch me first'!  We are working on this one!


Naughtiness - At first Ruby seemed quite quiet but as the days go by she is getting a little more and more mischievous.  It's just a couple of things at the moment, but I have a feeling I will have a lot to talk about as the days go by!  At night Ruby sleeps in the utility room, this morning the contents of the laundry basket were strewn all around the room!  She has started to pay an interest in shoes and the other day we left her in the utility room to find on our return that she had pushed the stair gate down and proceeded to drag the broom and empty milk cartons into the hallway.  Hmmmmm.

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